Non-Abrasive Grip Tape
Non-Abrasive Grip Tape
CatTongue Grip Tape Video
Non-Abrasive Grip Tape
Non-Abrasive Grip Tape
Non-Abrasive Grip Tape
Non-Abrasive Grip Tape
Non-Abrasive Grip Tape
Non-Abrasive Grip Tape
Non-Abrasive Grip Tape
Non-Abrasive Grip Tape
Non-Abrasive Grip Tape
Non-Abrasive Grip Tape
Non-Abrasive Grip Tape
Non-Abrasive Grip Tape
Non-Abrasive Grip Tape
Non-Abrasive Grip Tape

Non-Abrasive Grip Tape

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You should have no limits, restrictions, or restraints. Your tools and accessories, on the other hand, should always be under your control.

Easily customized to any size, our non-slip grip tape optimizes performance by stabilizing your grip on anything that needs to stay put. 

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Our non-abrasive grip tape equips you to get a better grip on anything, anywhere, including:

At Home:

  • Secure your couch, rugs, and other furniture so it doesn’t slip on wood or tile floors.
  • Get a solid grip on your mop/broom, silverware, video game controllers and other household items.
  • Keep dog bowls, retractable leashes, litter boxes, and other pet supplies in place.

At Work:

  • Adhere it to the bottom of your wireless keyboard, portable hard drive, monitor or stand, to keep your desk supplies where they belong.
  • Prevent needless accidents when using a hatchet, jackhammer, ladder and other workplace equipment.
  • Enhance precision with your chef’s knives, paintbrushes, camera lenses, and other creative tools.

On The Go:

  • Stabilize your cane, walker, crutches, hearing aids, wheelchair foot pads, and other accessibility equipment.
  • Enhance performance by getting a firm grip on lacrosse and hockey sticks, baseball bats, tennis rackets, and other athletic equipment.
  • Protect camping gear from slipping in your truck bed and your tackle box, binoculars, and hiking poles from falling out of your hands.

Our customers have found thousands of uses for our non-slip grip tape--the first and only non-abrasive grip tape on a roll. How will you get a grip?

Compatibility: Our non-slip grip tape adheres to any slippery surface and won’t interfere with wireless chargers or magnetic mounts.

Dimensions: 2” x 10’ of adhesive gription.

Colors: Clear, (Black is Coming Soon)

  • Non-abrasive, meaning that it won’t ruin your phone or leave behind any gummy, sticky goo or residue. It won't scratch your furniture, floor, car dashboard or the paint on your car.
  • Waterproof, so you can apply it to cleaning tools, or deck and yard items that will be rained on. You can even use it to secure racks in your bathtub or shower.
  • Made with HDPE plastic, a soft & lightweight, flexible, super-strong, impact-resistant high-density polyethylene plastic whose grip is superior to rubber & latex.
  • Eco-friendly; unlike most other plastics & adhesive materials, HDPE is recyclable & doesn’t end up in landfills.
  • Allergy-and-irritant-free; another advantage of HDPE is that CatTongue Grips won't irritate your skin or your hands when you touch it; and, unlike latex (which you’ll find in every rubber grip), it is 100% allergy-free.
  • Made by the #1 manufacturer of non-slip products. Simply put, this product is proven to perform.

Q: Can I cut the tape to different sizes?
A: Absolutely! Our non-slip grip tape can be easily and quickly cut to your custom size specifications with any household scissors. 

Q: Is the grip tape waterproof?
A: This grip tape is designed to keep up with your active lifestyle and is waterproof, as well as dust, dirt, and lint-resistant. 

Q: Is the grip tape latex-free?
A: We’re all about protecting your sensitive skin, so yes, we purposefully manufactured our non-abrasive grip tape to be 100% latex free. 

Q: Will this damage the things I adhere it to?
A: Never! Our non-abrasive grip tape will never scratch or damage any surface or equipment. 

Q: Is the grip tape recyclable?
A: We are passionate about protecting our planet. That’s why all of our products and packaging are made from 100% recyclable materials.

Q: Can I wrap it?
A: The Non-Abrasive Grip Tape should not be wrapped over itself. Apply it in strips for maximum performance.

Q: Do I need to apply it with heat?
A: It is not necessary to use heat when applying the tape in most cases. If you are applying it to a Lacrosse shaft or hockey stick then you would want to use heat to apply.

Q: How long is a roll?
A: The tape measures 10 feet long (and 2 inches wide).

Q: How long does it last?
A: The Non-Abrasive Grip Tape is designed to last. It is super durable to withstand water, weather, and more.

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