Non-Abrasive Grip Strips
Non-Abrasive Grip Strips
Cat Tongue Grip Strips
Non-Abrasive Grip Strips


Non-Abrasive Grip Strips

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Adding gription to small spaces shouldn’t be a time suck. That’s why we’ve made it easier than ever to get a grip you can count on, right out of the package. 

From the sole of your slippery shoes to the bottom of your wireless keyboard and everything in between, your package includes 7 non-slip Grip Strips ready to go to work immediately.  Conveniently pre-measured to 2” wide x 8 ½” long, your Grip Strips can be used as-is or cut to smaller, custom sizes as-needed.

Just peel, stick, and enjoy slip-free satisfaction!

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Non-Slip Grip Strips are everything you love about our Non-Abrasive Grip Tape, in a pre-measured size.

Each package of Grip Strips includes 7 strips, each 2” wide by 8 ½” long and perfect for: 

  • comfortably stabilizing your stance on the slippery surface of any bathtub or shower, or the handlebars of your treadmill or walker.
  • securing the position of hanging frames and other wall decorations so they don’t damage your paint
  • ensuring floor lamps stay right where you want them on wood, travertine and tile flooring.
  • adding an extra layer of gription to decorative elements that are displayed on nightstands, counters, dining tables, coffee tables, and bookshelves 
  • ...and so much more! If you can dream it, Grip Strips can do it!

Non-abrasive Grip Strips make getting a grip in small spaces, simple!

Compatibility: Our Non-Slip Grip Strips adhere to any slippery surface and won’t interfere with wireless chargers or magnetic mounts when used on electronics.

Dimensions: 7 individual strips of professional-grade adhesive gription, each  2” x 8.5”.

Colors: Clear

  • Non-abrasive; so you can always get a stronger grip without sacrificing comfort.  Also, you can rest assured Grip Strips won’t ever scratch your furniture, floor, car dashboard, the paint on your car, or anything else. Our patent-pending material is grippy, not sticky.
  • Waterproof; so you can apply your Grip Strips to cleaning tools, deck and yard items that will be rained on, as well as anything you need to get a grip on near sinks or in the shower/bathtub. And when you’re away from home, try Grip Strips on the items you keep in and on top of your boat console, including fishing tackle, first aid supplies, navigation units and more. 
  • Made with HDPE plastic; a soft & lightweight, flexible, super-strong, impact-resistant high-density polyethylene plastic whose grip is superior to rubber.
  • Eco-friendly; All CatTongue Grips products are 100% recyclable so they won’t contribute more waste to landfills. 
  • Allergy-and-irritant-free; another advantage of our gription technology is that CatTongue Grips won't irritate your skin or your hands when you touch it; as all CatTongue Grips products are latex-free.
  • Made by the best manufacturer of non-slip products. Simply put, this product is proven to perform.

Q: Can I cut Grip Strips to different sizes?

A: Each non-abrasive Grip Strip is pre-measured to use instantly in small spaces; however, if you would like to cut your strips, it’s easy and quick to do that with basic household scissors.

Q: Are Grip Strips waterproof?
A: Grip Strips are designed to keep up with your busy lifestyle and are waterproof, as well as dust, dirt, and lint-resistant. 

Q: Are Grip Strips latex-free?
A: We’re all about protecting your sensitive skin, so yes, we purposefully manufactured our non-abrasive Grip Strips to be 100% latex free. 

Q: Will Grip Strips damage the things I adhere them to?
A: Never! Our non-abrasive Grip Strips will never scratch or damage any surface or equipment. 

Q: Are Grip Strips recyclable?
A: We are passionate about protecting our planet. That’s why all of our products and packaging are made from 100% recyclable materials.

Q: Can Grip Strips be layered? 
A: Grip Strips should not be layered. Align multiple strips next to each other if needed for larger spaces.

Q: Do I need to apply Grip Strips with heat?
A: It is not necessary to use heat when applying Grip Strips in most cases. If you are applying them to tight circumferences such as a Lacrosse shaft or hockey stick, then you will want to use heat to apply. For optimal performance, do not layer Grip Strips. The product is not designed to stick to itself.

Q: How many Grip Strips are included in each package?
A: Each package includes 7 pre-measured Grip Strips, each 8 ½” long and 2” wide.

Q: How long do Grip Strips last?
A: Non-Abrasive Grip Strips are designed to last. They are super durable to withstand water, weather, high-volume use, and more.

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