Fight Sanitization Fatigue With Clever Antimicrobial Products

Tired of the never-ending germ war? Try these time-saving antimicrobial products.

Face masks and hand wipes and gels, oh my! 

The Covid-19 pandemic has resulted in a bleach extravaganza.  You might feel like you are in a constant state of bleaching every surface you touch, from light switches to clothes to your cell phone. 

These antimicrobial products will save your sanity and spare you the harmful fumes. Some can help combat the coronavirus. Others can help protect you against a wide range of bacteria that have nasty names, such as MRSA, E-coli and Klebsiella.

Put down that bleach bottle. These antimicrobial products save you time (and sanity). 

Antimicrobial Face Masks

young woman wearing face mask outdoors ;;;Fight Sanitization Fatigue With Clever Antimicrobial Products.

As if you didn’t have enough laundry to do with the endless rotation of socks, underwear, and t-shirts. Now you have to add face masks to the rotation. But the alternative seems worse. After all, nobody wants to wear the same bacteria-infested face mask day after day. Enter self-sanitizing face masks. No, these masks don’t come with a laundry machine. They are made out of antimicrobial material designed to inhibit bacteria’s growth, keeping things just a tiny bit cleaner, not to mention better smelling. And let’s not even get started on maskne... 

Antimicrobial Gription® Roll

CatTongue Black Grip Tape ;;;Fight Sanitization Fatigue With Clever Antimicrobial Products.

Commonly used surfaces such as doorknobs and light switches can be a breeding ground for germs in your home. Keeping these high-touch surfaces sanitized can be quite a challenge. Our antimicrobial Gription® Roll in black can be added to these and other surfaces, helping to keep bacteria at bay. Not only that, but they offer that oh-so-perfect Gription®. While you’re arming your light switches with antimicrobial tape, don’t forget to check out these other household hacks that also use CatTongue’s black antimicrobial Gription® Roll

Antimicrobial HEPA Air Filter 

young woman changing air filter ;;;Fight Sanitization Fatigue With Clever Antimicrobial Products.

There’s nothing worse than a feeling of claustrophobia in a musty indoor space, especially if you are hanging out inside that space for weeks (or months!) on end. Let’s face it, day after day with Fido’s dander and the smell of your growing pile of stinky socks can make for quite a stench. Fight the stink battle with antimicrobial products that filter your air, tackling not only pet dander and common allergens but germs as well. While there might be no fail proof way to keep dangerous viruses and pathogens out of the air, the fewer particles floating into your lungs, the better, right? 

 Water Filtration Systems

Chances are, you live in a region where access to a clean water supply isn’t really an issue. But that doesn’t mean your water is achieving peak purification levels, which means it contains nasty chemicals or even just doesn’t taste very good. According to the CDC, reverse osmosis systems can be effective at removing bacteria, viruses, and chemicals. Many water filters incorporate antimicrobial materials to offer even more protection. Do your research on specific makes and models. You have a lot to choose from in terms of size, price, and functionality.  

Laundry Sanitizer

Not only are germs yucky, but they degrade fabrics over time. Additives to laundry detergent can help eliminate bacteria and keep your fabrics lasting longer. Plus, if you are worried about Covid-19 attaching itself to your clothes after a public outing, you can always add an extra sanitizing step to your regular wash routine. For example, Lysol’s Laundry Sanitizer has been proven effective at combating the Covid-19 virus on fabrics when used as instructed. 

CatTongue Antimicrobial Gaming Grips

Your game controller is five times dirtier than your toilet seat. Gross, right? Lucky for you our non-abrasive Gaming Grips work as a kind of antimicrobial coating for your Xbox or PS4 controls. Not only that, but they keep your PlayStation and Xbox controllers firmly in hand so your game doesn’t suffer from an unfortunate accident. You know, of the XP damage variety?

Antimicrobial Towels

antimicrobial towels ;;;Fight Sanitization Fatigue With Clever Antimicrobial Products.

Luxury bath towels might not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think about antimicrobial products. But when you think about it, your bath and hand towels are stored and used in a friendly, warm, humid environment. You know, the kind of place that is the perfect vacation home for stowaway germs from your hands and, worse, your toilet (eww, just ewwww). Experts recommend washing your towels after approximately two days of use. But you might hear that and say, “Who has the time???” Bath towels made of antimicrobial material can be a life-saver when it comes to keeping fabrics (and your hands) a little bit cleaner. 

There’s just something about a worldwide pandemic that makes you think a little bit more about germs. We guess that can be a good thing. While there is no replacement for proper handwashing and other safety measures, it is well worth trying out a few of these other antimicrobial products. They can be true time (and sanity) savers.