CatTongue Grips Goes Global

We are excited to announce that CatTongue Grips has gone international! Your favorite gription products are now available in the US, UK, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, New Zealand, and across Canada. We spoke with several of our international partners to see why they chose CatTongue Grips for their stores. 

Keeping Hands Active in England

Based in the UK but shipping around the world, Active Hands primarily sells gripping aids for people to use in the gym, at home, in the garden, or at work or school. 


Active Hands began when founder Rob Smith created his own gripping aid prototypes to use to make everyday activities easier to manage after a spinal injury. So we are honored that he selected our non-abrasive grip tape and non-slip phone grips to feature alongside his own products in his online store. 

Currently, he is using our Gription® Roll on the footrests of his wheelchair along with smaller strips on his camera for extra grippiness. 

All three signature CatTongue Grips products are available at Active Hands and ship to almost any location in the world, including all European countries.

Helping the UK Get a Grip

Disability Horizons Shop is helping individuals of all abilities access our anti-slip Gription® Roll across the United Kingdom thanks to shop owner Duncan Edwards. After noticing the only real places to buy grip tape in the UK was at skate shops, he specially sourced CatTongue Grip Tape to meet the needs of his customers who have disabilities, want more accessible sports or fitness experiences, or just want a little extra grip on household objects. 

Available at Disability Horizons in our signature black or white, our Gription® Roll is most famous among their customers for its phone and wheelchair applications, but Duncan knows that most people love it because once you place it, you don’t have to worry about it. 

Fun and Functionality for New Zealand 

Cat Tongue Non-Slip Phone Grips most recently popped up at C1 South, a New Zealand-based company that provides innovative resources and tools for people with a disability. 


Managing Director and occupational therapist Tania Bowkett included our phone grips along with our Non-Slip Tablet and Laptop Grips and grip tape in her inventory because they not only outperform other grips on the market, but they also give users the option to express their personalities. 

“I have a non-slip phone grip and a non-adhesive Gription® Pad for in my kitchen and my husband will be getting one for Christmas for his workshop,” Tania said. “I think the tape is a great option for people to create a non-slip environment wherever they like.”

Staying Busy in Canada

The carriers of one of the largest and most unique selections of home health care products in Canada, AgeComfort is now partnering with CatTongue Grips to help seniors, baby boomers, and caregivers get a better grip with our Gription® Roll.

Their sister company, Busy Bee Tools, offers over 5,000 tools and accessories for woodworking and metalworking, including our Non-Abrasive Grip Tape. Find us in stores across Canada now.


Where In The World Is Your CatTongue Grip?

Now that we’ve gone global (and are expanding our global reseller list all the time!), we want to see where you take your CatTongue Grips. Share your photos of your grips in action on Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and Pinterest using #CatTongueGrips and tag us @cattonguegrips. We want to see all the epic shit you’re up to wherever you are in the world.