10 Disability Life Hacks That Make Life Easier

Over 25% of adults in the U.S. have some type of disability. While some Americans living with a disability are able to be independent and involved in their world, many struggle with limitations of mobility, cognition, hearing and vision. Here’s a list of 10 disability life hacks to improve the everyday lives of individuals with disabilities.

Tablet & Laptop Grips

CatTongue Phat Cat tablet and laptop grips to prevent slip

Slip happens. Get a grip on your tablet or laptop to keep it in place and prevent accidental slips. These grips come in fun, graphic designs that won’t ruin your device or leave behind any sticky goo or residue. 

Paralympic Hall of Famer Chris Waddell is an advocate of the Phat Cat non-slip tablet and laptop grips. As a wheelchair user, Chris regularly worries about his laptop sliding off his lap while he’s moving around. But with the Phat Cat laptop grip, his laptop remains on his lap when he’s wheeling along. 


Through his foundation, One Revolution, Chris takes a persistent and creative approach to turning the perception of disability upside down for many. After becoming the first paraplegic to climb Mount Kilimanjaro nearly unassisted in a handcycle, Chris has embarked on a journey to share his story and the stories of others like him to revolutionize how people with disabilities are seen by society. Find resources, programs, and more information on changing the perception of disability here.Please reference somewhere in this paragraph his foundation, One Revolution. The goal of which is to turn the perception of disability upside down.

Gription® Roll

CatTongue non-abrasive grip tape to prevent slip

Just like tablet and laptop grips, Gription®  Roll is another life hack that can help you prevent slip on virtually anything on which you want to get a grip. The Gription® Roll comes on a roll, so it is easily customized to any size or any object. As one of the most versatile life hacks for people with disabilities, the Gription® Roll can be attached to hearing aids to secure fit or used on the handles of canes, walkers, and crutches. This Gription® Roll can also be added to wheelchair footplates to keep feet in place, or to top tubes for easier transport in and out of the chair. Want to enjoy an adventure  in a kayak, but you’re worried about sliding around? The tape is latex-free, as well as waterproof, and the perfect accessory to help keep you in place on your next water adventure!  

Touch Lamps

Pulling a lamp string or flipping a light switch can be difficult for those with limited mobility or dexterity, which can make turning each light on and off an exhausting task. Touch lamps require minimal effort for a source of light and can significantly improve the quality of life for people with disabilities. This is a great solution for light switches that are out of reach as many touch lamps are small and portable.

Voice Assistant Software

Voice assistant software can assist disabled people in many ways

In addition to touch lamps, voice assistant software like Alexa or Google Home can improve your life by leveraging technology that allows you to accomplish more tasks in less time and with less effort. Voice assistant software on your phone or in your home can be programmed to turn lights on and off, play music, search the internet or shop for groceries. Talk-to-text functions are a game-changer for people who struggle with typing or texting. 

Your Camera Phone

A camera phone can help you zoom in on text that is hard to see

On the subject of assistive technology, the zoom feature on your camera is a handy way to enlarge any print that is too small to see. For those living with a visual impairment, zooming in with a camera phone can magnify almost anything within reach, like mail or labels on food packages. Low vision can have a debilitating impact on your life, but using your phone to zoom in can help you be more productive and independent.

Safety Pins

There are few things in life more annoying than your sock slipping down into your shoe or the back of your shirt riding up against your wheelchair. Safety pins are an inexpensive life hack that will help your clothes stay put. This can be an extremely helpful way to stay independent and comfortable throughout the day for anyone who needs assistance getting dressed or adjusting their clothing. 

Key Rings

Like safety pins, key rings can increase independence in dressing for people with disabilities. Acting as a zipper pull, a key ring is an inexpensive hack for those with limited mobility or difficulties with dexterity or fine motor skills. Turn jackets, pants, and shoes into adaptive clothing that’s easy to use. 


Alt text recommendation: Crock pots are an easy solution to cooking independently

A disability can present a challenge in the kitchen when it comes to cooking meals. From cutting and prepping to cooking and cleaning, making a single meal can be a marathon. Using a crock pot is an empowering hack for quick and easy healthy meals. Countless crock pot recipes require minimal preparation - just set it and forget it! Crock pots are also a super efficient way for people with disabilities to cook meals in bulk or feed their entire family. 

Pedal Exercisers

Daily exercise is important for everyone, including people with disabilities. A pedal exerciser is an easy hack for getting in your workout without the hassle of getting to the gym. For disabled people with leg or arm movement, pedal exercisers are a perfect way to stay fit at home. Many pedal exercisers are lightweight and easily portable, making it easier to maintain an active lifestyle. 

Lazy Susan Organizers

Lastly, a lazy susan organizer is not only a genius storage solution for any household, but also an affordable life hack for people with disabilities. Eliminate messes from digging through drawers by storing what you need on a lazy susan organizer. The rotating design keeps high-use items in reach for easy access. Beyond the kitchen, you can use a lazy susan organizer in the office to keep your desk clean and boost productivity or on your nightstand to store necessities like medication, glasses, remotes, and tissues.

While living with a disability can be incredibly challenging, these life hacks can not only improve the productivity and efficiency of millions of Americans, but also their quality of life.