Best Accessories for RV Living

What stops people from being organized when it comes to tiny homes, RVs and travel trailers?

It’s no surprise that many people have a seriously hard time keeping their RVs from looking like they just suffered through some kind of camping trip apocalypse. It’s easy to understand why. Tiny home living is fun, but it can be challenging to make use of small spaces. And organizing all your camping gear? We’re pretty sure you would rather be fishing, hiking, playing with your kids, or just straight-up relaxing. 

Airstream camper parked in a campsite.

Luckily, you can use tons of RV accessories to free up storage space and cut your tidying-up time in half. Of course, we could talk about sewer hoses, water pressure regulators, and 5th wheel trailer covers, but for this blog, we are going for the quick and dirty (translation: EASY) hacks and fixes. These tips won’t cost you an arm and a leg (or an afternoon of installation) to make your RV life infinitely easier, not to mention more comfortable. 

Best Accessories for RV Organization

Zipper Bedding

We all know that bedding choices are important for RVers. I mean, if you are going to buy RV sheets for multiple people sharing a small space, you better like them. But making the bed when you are enjoying RV life can be a treacherous proposition. Not only do you have to climb all over the bed trying to make sheets and blankets tuck into impossible corners in cramped spaces, but by the end, you wonder why you even bothered with the entire task. Isn’t the whole thing bound to get messy again in minutes? With zip-up bedding, you simply pull the zippers to the top. No more tucking in. You can make the bed in a few minutes, and the bedding gloriously stays put. 

RV camper tucks child into bed.


Collapsible Kitchen Accessories

Collapsible gadgets are a must-have for campers of all shapes and sizes, but this is especially true when it comes to RV kitchen accessories. Luckily, savvy inventors have created a compact, collapsible version of just about anything you typically use to cook. The list is endless, but some of our favorite collapsible gadgets for an RV kitchen include measuring cups, colanders (a must for rinsing fresh produce), mixing bowls, and food storage containers. Check out the full array of camper-friendly collapsible items here. Your limited storage space will thank you. 


Measuring cups are great collapsible accessories.

Custom Cupboard and Drawer Organizers

Trailers often come with cabinets and drawers. Unfortunately, these nifty cabinets sometimes lack shelves. If this is the case, various items often get haphazardly tossed in, and your storage space ends up looking like a forgotten treasure trove of oddities. You might find a random camping accessory such as a canoe paddle in there. A salad bowl from the 1980s. Who knows, you might even discover Blackbeard’s gold hidden in there? 

And your drawer space? Disorganized in two nanoseconds. 

This is where custom organizers can be a huge space saver. And we’re not talking about fancy custom cabinetry here. You can buy pre-made organizers in all shapes and sizes from Camping World. From cupboard bars to stacking baskets to nesting shelves and more, you are sure to find something that will help you optimize your storage spaces. 

Organized drawers help clear counter space.


Higher Hangers

For RVers, Higher Hangers has quickly become all the rage since their Kickstarter beginnings. And when you think about it, their solution to the dreaded clothes hanger slippage problem is simple yet brilliant. By changing the hanger’s angle just a bit, your clothes are less likely to slip off and end up on the floor. Plus, with the higher profile, you end up with tons of extra space at the bottom of your closet. You know, where you can store your twenty-odd pairs of boots instead of leaving them strewn about the floor. (Pssst…. Add a bit of CatTongue’s Gription® Roll to the hanger to make your clothes even LESS likely to slip off! You can check out other nifty closet organization tips here.) 


Organize your RV closet with higher hangers.

Handheld Vacuum 

With all those outdoor activities, dirt is just a part of camping. Isn’t getting your fingernails a bit dirty a part of the overall charm of RV life? But still, there comes a point when the dirt turns into something else: a sort of grimey and gross clutter visible to the eyes (especially if you veer toward full-time RV life). When you’ve reached that point, you know it’s time to do a bit of clean-up. But endless sweeping is no fun, and how do you even begin to stay on top of countertop spaces? Enter handheld vacuums. Keep all the crooks and crevices of your RV clean and organized with just a push of a button. 

Keep your RV clean with a handheld vacuum.

Okay, so you’ve got everything tidied up. How do you keep things from falling in an RV? 

So far, all of the RV accessories we’ve listed help keep your tiny space a bit cleaner. But it doesn’t help if you put everything in its place and then it moves. This is a somewhat inevitable fate for RVs, given their transitory nature. So, what is a camper to do, especially if they are trying to organize their RV for full time? 

Our Gription® Roll keeps things in their place, but it does so much more than that! Here are just a few ways to use it to make RV living infinitely easier: 

Collage of ways to use CatTongue Grips, including securing items in cabinets and as a grip for RV doors. Collage of ways to use CatTongue Grips, including securing items in cabinets and as a grip for RV doors. Collage of ways to use CatTongue Grips, including securing items in cabinets and as a grip for RV doors. Collage of ways to use CatTongue Grips, including securing items in cabinets and as a grip for RV doors.

  • Line your cabinets to keep kitchen and other household items from slips, slides, and breakage. 
  • Place a CatTongue Gription® Pad under hot surfaces to protect your countertops and tables.
  • Our Gription® Roll isn’t just great for keeping things in place; it’s also anti-microbial! Add a bit to your RV door handle and highly-trafficked doorknobs and reduce the ick factor.  Don’t want to hassle with cutting? Our Grip Kits are pre-cut into commonly used sizes so all you have to do is peel and stick them wherever you need a bit of extra gription (and germ protection)!
  • Storing utility boxes in a truck bed? Add a bit of our Gription® Roll straight to the truck bed to keep all that heavy equipment from moving around. 
  • Got expensive cell phones and other electronic gadgets hanging around? Keep them safe with our non-abrasive cell phone grips

You’ll adore the fact that you can drive hundreds of miles and arrive to discover that your belongings, miraculously, have not collectively migrated in your cupboard (or worse, suffered the terrible fate of slip and fall breakage!).  

CatTongue Grips are an absolute must-have RV accessory! 

Dog peers out the window of a travel trailer.

Maximize Your RV Space

If you have ever stared at your cluttered camper and thought, “How do I maximize my RV space?” you are in good company. Travel trailers, camper vans, and even the behemoth Airstreams all have one thing in common: they pack a lot of household living into a compact space. And with that compact space comes the need to be more organized than ever. 

We’re sure these must-have RV accessories will have you on the road and enjoying a better camping experience, clutter-free.