Grip Strips Description

Non-Slip Grip Strips are everything you love about our Non-Abrasive Grip Tape, in a pre-measured size.

Each package of Grip Strips includes 7 strips, each 2” wide by 8 ½” long and perfect for: 

  • comfortably stabilizing your stance on the slippery surface of any bathtub or shower, or the handlebars of your treadmill or walker.
  • securing the position of hanging frames and other wall decorations so they don’t damage your paint
  • ensuring floor lamps stay right where you want them on wood, travertine and tile flooring.
  • adding an extra layer of gription to decorative elements that are displayed on nightstands, counters, dining tables, coffee tables, and bookshelves 
  • ...and so much more! If you can dream it, Grip Strips can do it!

Non-abrasive Grip Strips make getting a grip in small spaces, simple!