Gaming Grips FAQs

Q: Can I cut Gaming Grips to different sizes?
A: There’s no need to cut your Gaming Grips. We’ve already pre-cut them to fit your favorite Xbox and PlayStation controllers.

Q: Are Gaming Grips waterproof?
A: You bet. They’re also dust, dirt, and lint-resistant. 

Q: Are Gaming Grips latex-free?
A: Is Fortnite a game? Every Gaming Grip we sell is 100% latex-free, which means those with sensitive skin can play fearlessly

Q: Will Gaming Grips damage the things I adhere them to?
A: No, no, and no. Gaming Grips are non-abrasive and guaranteed not to scratch or damage any surface or equipment. 

Q: Are Gaming Grips recyclable?
A: If we don’t take care of the planet, we won’t be able to play games. That’s why all of our products and packaging are made from 100% recyclable materials.

Q: Can Gaming Grips be layered? 
A: No. Gaming Grips are not designed to stick to each other. 

Q: Do I need to apply Gaming Grips with heat?
A: In most cases, no. If you’re having difficulty adhering a portion of your grip to a small space, use a little heat against it and watch it mold to shape before your eyes. 

Q: How many Gaming Grips are included in each package?
A: Each package includes 1 Gaming Grip sized to fit the controller of your choice: either PlayStation or XBox.

Q: How long do Gaming Grips last?
A: Non-Abrasive Gaming Grips were manufactured to provide a long-term gripping solution. Play every day. Your grip can handle it.

View Our Application Instruction Videos:

PS4 Gaming Grip Application Instructions Video (mp4)

Xbox Gaming Grip Application Instructions Video (mp4)