CatTongue Grips PromoCatTongue Grips are the best non-slip cell phone grip out there!  Now you can customize to your hearts content with a business logo or image. 

CatTongue Custom Product

CatTongue Grip Specs:

  • Offers a secure grip so you can text with one hand, snap better photos, and watch cat videos hands-free
  • Easily Apply Your CatTongue Grip to Your Mobile Device or Device Case.
  • CatTongue Grips can be applied directly to your mobile device or case for the non-slip grip you need. We do not recommend CatTongue Grips for leather, suede or fabric cases.
  • Amazing Feel and Grip: CatTongue Grips not only have a sleek look but also have a great feel ... they will not pick up any lint or debris, just promote a great grip wherever you go.
  • Materials: Anti-slip, water resistant, recyclable mobile device gripping products for all ages!
  • Easily Removable: CatTongue Grips are easily peeled off of the surface that you've applied them to – rubbing alcohol can be used if any residue from the adhesive remains after it is removed.
  • 2 Sizes Available and will fit any phone!