We are active outdoor enthusiasts that grew up on the beaches of San Diego, California and in 2011 moved to Park City, Utah to explore life at 7,000 feet above sea level.  Between the experiences of life in both towns, we realized a common (growing) problem that people have…mobile phones & devices have slippery back sides!  They often slip out of hands (and off tables, and off legs…you get the picture) and fall to the ground, ending up damaged. We turned to grip tape and added it to the back of all of our devices to remove the ‘slick-ness’, but it ended up scratching everything it encountered – we tried more products, but nothing we could find solved our problem.

Enter CatTongue!  After a year and a half of research, we have developed the perfect anti-slip solution for your mobile device (any device!) that can be used directly on your device or existing case.  CatTongue Grips feel great in your hands and are functional and super durable – for everyday use and even durable enough for extreme athletes to use.  As lovers of all things art, we wanted this product to include fun, feel-good artwork for a more personal touch.  CatTongue Grips are recyclable, extremely durable and water proof!  CatTongue Grips are available in over 50 different artworks so you can choose your style and show us how YOU CatTongue!


Missy Kelly, CatTongue Grips Founder