Cool Tech Gifts Under $50

There are about 1000 ideas for gift ideas as the holiday approaches, but if your friends and family are tech lovers, you might want to check out our list of must-haves. They aren’t so-called “expert picks” either. They are pulled straight from Amazon’s bestsellers list, and they all come with stellar reviews. But more than that, they are so innovative, you’ll almost think they came from the future. 

AirTags for Apple users

People own a lot of expensive gadgets these days, from wireless headphones to portable speakers to Nintendo Switches. If you are one of those people who tend to lose everything from your car keys to your more expensive belongings, AirTags might just be your new best friend. This tiny Bluetooth tracker (and we’re talking tiny, about the size of a Mentos) can be attached to just about anything that you need to keep tabs on (although it doesn’t come with adhesive, you’ll have to buy a specially designed case or perform some McGyver moves to get it to work in certain situations). Missing something? Use your iPhone’s handy dandy Airtags app to locate it. 

Wireless Charger

Have you ever had to throw away a perfectly good phone just because its charging port went bad? It is a frustrating scenario indeed and one that many of us have encountered. Wireless chargers like this well-reviewed one on Amazon can be a lifesaver in these situations, but that’s not the only reason they make a great gift idea. They also make already cluttered spaces blessedly cable-free. 

Charging Station

It’s Friday night, and you’ve got your friends, aunts, uncles, cousins, the neighbor next door, and that friend of a friend coming over for movie night -- when the inevitable happens. Someone’s phone is about to die, and they ask if they can use your phone charger. But you’ve only got one phone cable, and as the night wears on, that one phone cable becomes the hottest commodity since Baby Yoda. 

A charging station like this bestselling choice gives the excellent gift of being the host (or hostess) with the most, providing enough USB ports for everyone to stay all charged up for selfies and Instagram reels all night long. 

Mini Spy Charger

There’s nothing worse than getting your stuff stolen. Protect your belongings (and your family) with this Mini Spy Charger hidden camera that people will never suspect is there. Its clever design hides a teeny tiny camera within a charger plug and is so small you would never guess it’s there. Insert an SD card and have footage that automatically records whenever the device detects movement. It’s like something right out of a James Bond Movie. 

CatTongue Gaming Grips

There’s nothing worse than letting a critical moment of a game slip away. That’s where CatTongue Gaming Grips come in. For hobbyists and eSports pros alike, they help you keep a comfortable grip on the controller for hours of playtime. These precut strips are designed especially for PlayStation and X-box controllers. The best gift of all might be that you help your loved one level up their game a notch or two. Talk about clutch! 

LCD Writing Tablet

For those who remember magna doodle, you’re in for a treat. Things have come a long way since the days of magnetic drawing toys that only partially captured the drawings you whipped up in your imagination. The LCD writing tablets of today offer not only precision lines but a cacophony of colors all in blazing neons. They are so fun to use, you might just want one for yourself for taking notes at your next office meeting. 

Mini Drone Flying Toy

This mini drone flying ball is like a futuristic version of yesterday’s paddle ball toy, and will have children both young and old dazzled with delight. It automatically senses your hand motions and moves accordingly. It’s time to play ball with a gadget that has a mind of its own--one that includes flashing lights and spins, no less. It takes that old yo-yo “around the world” trick to a whole new level. 

Sunrise Alarm Clock

Circadian rhythms (the body’s natural process that keeps us in tune with nature and the sun’s rising and setting) tend to go all awry with all the winding of clocks forward and backward, not to mention the advent of cloudy weather. If your loved one suffers from hitting the snooze button one too many times, a sunrise alarm clock might be the perfect gift for them. It gently simulates sunrise, making the getting out of bed experience much more pleasant than the resounding alarm of whatever tune they’ve got set on their phone.

That wraps up our gift guide for the best tech gifts under $50, taken straight from the bestselling lists on Amazon and vetted for ultimate coolness. 

Of course, a lot of these gadgets pair perfectly with CatTongue Grips. There’s no better stocking stuffer than a Gription® Roll or Phat Cat to keep your new gadgets safe. Watch our website for deals and discounts as the holidays approach. We’ll be running a lot of Flash Sales!