Forget duct tape. Here are 9 Reasons CatTongue Grips belongs at the top of your camping essentials list.

Ahhh,  a camping trip. That tried and true tradition that gets your outdoors and in touch with nature, away from the fracas of everyday life. There’s no better way to disconnect from all of the chaos than to take an adventure into the wilderness and just breathe. 

And from backcountry camping to car camping and beyond, any nature trek is better with a little bit of extra gription. Summer is here, and it’s time to take hold of your next outdoor adventure, literally (using a little bit of CatTongue Grips, of course). 

Here are nine of our favorite ways CatTongue Grips makes for happy campers. 

Scarf, hat, coffee, grip tape, and other camping list essentials.


Carry camp chairs and coolers the easier way. 

A lighter camping chair weighs as little as five pounds, but the sturdier ones meant for long-term use can weigh upwards of 30 pounds. That’s quite a load to carry with a tiny little handle! Add a bit of anti-slip power and make your favorite comfy camp chair a tiny bit easier to carry. 

Group of young people carry chairs, cooler, and other personal items to the campsite.


Shine a light. 

Flashlights are on every camping essentials list. They have an important duty to perform, safely getting you around in the dark and preventing slips and falls. Some flashlight manufacturers have added non-slip grips to their design, but you’d be surprised how many haven’t. Make sure you can keep a grip on that all-important light source by adding a bit of CatTongue grip to your flashlight’s handle. 

Get your tent set up much faster.  

It is much easier to hammer in the metal stakes you use for your tent if your mallet isn’t constantly slipping out of your hand. Add a pre-cut sticker from our Grip Kit to your mallet handle and hammer away. 

CatTonge Grip tape on mallet handle.


Get a clear view. 

Binoculars are no small investment, with even so-called “cheap” models costing upwards of $200. Protect your camping essentials investment by adding CatTongue Grips anti-slip grip tape to your binoculars. You can pass all of that laser-focused viewing around without worrying about slips, cracks, and broken lenses.

Man sits on mountain top and looks through binoculars. 


Camp Stove

Anytime you combine a portable heat source with a wilderness condition, you want to make sure things aren’t moving around without permission. Place a Gription® Pad under your isobutane or similar camping stove to make sure everything stays safely in place. You can even place a second mat next to your stove to keep cooking utensils organized!

Knife handles

We’ve covered kitchen safety tips before, and knife safety is always at the top of the list. The same rules apply to your camp kitchen too. Add a bit of CatTongue Grips anti-slip grip tape to your knife handle. It will make your knife-wielding actions much safer, whether you are filleting a fish or practicing your finest MacGyver maneuvers. 

 Grip tape on binoculars.


Prevent truck bed slips and slides. 

Hearing all those heavy cases full of camping essentials rattling around in the truck bed is both a headache and a significant cause of scratches. Prevent both by taping down a bit of our non-abrasive grip tape to your truck bed BEFORE you begin packing up. Don’t worry; our proprietary material is sturdy enough to stand up to the elements. 

Man applies CatTongue anti-slip grip tape to truck bed.


Prevent sleeping pad slippage. 

Sleeping pads make tent camping infinitely more comfortable. They also tend to be annoyingly slippery. Keep your sleeping pad in place by adding a bit of CatTongue grip tape to the bottom. Cushion, comfort, AND cling! 

Three pairs of feet peek out from three sleeping bags.


Add to ax or saw handle.

Abraham Lincoln famously said that if you gave him six hours to chop down a tree, he would spend four of those hours sharpening the ax. Well, we’re pretty sure he would have added a bit of CatTongue Grip tape to his ax, too (if it had existed at the time). It boosts any tried-and-true woodcutter’s skills immeasurably.  

Close-up of man holding an ax.


What else will you invent?

That’s it for our round-up of why CatTongue Grips is a must-have for any camping essentials list. Campers everywhere tell us all about how the added anti-slip action makes everything more comfortable, or just straight-up more useful. And the antimicrobial aspect of the Grip Tape offers even more to love in situations that are naturally a bit more dirty. 

We would love to hear from you, though! How have you used CatTongue Grips in your camping adventures? Join the conversation on our Instagram page, and share a snap or two.