6 Brilliant and Insanely Simple Kitchen Organization Hacks

Do your cabinets and counters look like a culinary war zone? These savvy kitchen organization hacks help you tidy up in minutes

kitchen utensils taking up your counter space? Appliances sliding everywhere? Are pots spilling out of cabinets, followed by their best friends, your endless Tupperware collection? 

Cooking might be your best friend, but the clean-up and putting stuff away part? Not so much. Let’s face it, after a couple of hours of cooking, you’re more likely to spend your time arguing over whose turn it is to do the dishes rather than actually doing the dishes. 

While HGTV might be full of kitchen organization hacks that are worthy of a handyman YouTube channel, let’s be honest. You probably don’t have time (or the skills) to make a custom cabinet with nooks and crannies for every single kitchen gadget you use. So what’s a homeowner with a cramped kitchen to do? 

Savvy kitchen hacks, cleaning time halved. Yes, it’s possible with these simple tricks. 

Ditch the recipe cards with this kitchen organization hack

You know that you can find just about any recipe online, yet you can’t help but cling to that handwritten recipe card passed down by your great-grandmother. We get it. It’s entirely possible that a recipe for 4-bean casserole guests rave about can’t be found anywhere else. But let’s be honest: all that paper has suffered a bit through the years. Odds are your stack of recipe cards has collected quite the palette of oil splatters, greases, and general muck that is ubiquitous to well-loved recipes. 

Don’t throw away granny’s recipe just yet, though. Consider trading the stacks of paper for a cast-off electronic device. Odds are, you have an old cell phone or tablet that has outlived its usefulness in most other ways. All you need to do to harness this kitchen organization hack’s power is scan your favorite recipes in, connect the device to the internet, and say goodbye to your stacks of paper. (Don’t forget to grab one of our Phat Cats to keep it from slipping around your counter!)

We won’t judge you if you frame granny’s recipe card and place it on a wall, though. 

Using a tablet to store recipes is a great kitchen organization hack.

Get easier access to fridge contents using a lazy Susan

Unloading the groceries can feel like a very strategic chore. You know instinctively that you should place the items that you will use first closer to the front of your fridge for easier access later on. By some feat of mental magic, you think you can somehow avoid the inevitable shuffle and reach for a bottle or garnish. Enter a lazy Susan, something you might already be using for your spice drawer but haven’t even considered using for your fridge. 

No longer do you have to perform an arduous assessment of ranking your bottles, cartons, and containers. With this kitchen organization hack, you can place your items anywhere you want without a care. When you need them, give that lazy Susan a gentle spin. You’ll not only save yourself the reach (not to mention the dominos of condiment toppling), but you’ll save on food waste by keeping everything you have in stock at the top of your mind.

This kitchen organization hack sticks. 

It’s strange how objects seem to have a mind of their own, as if a Jedi warrior is hiding in your kitchen, secretly moving objects around to make you think you’re going crazy.  You place your coffee maker on your counter only to have it migrate toward the edge of the counter. Cutting boards slide around, ketchup bottles migrate to a forgotten corner, your perfectly-placed dinner place settings inch together with every reach for that extra scoop of mashed potatoes. Apply a little bit of Gription® Roll to your smaller gadgets and keep everything where you put it in the first place, the first time. 
Need Gription® power on a larger scale? Gription® Pads can be especially useful for bigger appliances and cutting boards, and they won’t stick to your counters! 

Clutter? Or a beautiful kitchen hacks storage solution?

It can be easy to hide coffee mugs behind cupboard doors, shove knives in a wood block, and push opened bags of rice and grains to grow eternally stale in the back of a cupboard. But have you ever considered that all of these things have the potential to make your space more beautiful? 

This kitchen organization hack requires a second look and a bit of imagination. Those grains and beans are so colorful. Might they add a beautiful array of colors if you placed them in glass jars and displayed them? Stick a bit of our Gription®  Roll on the bottom of the jars and try stacking them to maximize even more space! 

Or how about that set of expensive knives? They might be gorgeous, not to mention more accessible, on a floating knife block. That coffee mug collection you simply can’t part with? Placing them on small hooks would not only free up coveted cupboard space but would also show a bit of your personality. 

There are so many ways to try out this kitchen organization hack. Take another look at your clutter and re-think the things that might be beautiful. 

Displaying glass jars is a beautiful kitchen organization hack.

Take this kitchen organization hack home from the office. 

Who says the power of a good office supply has to be confined to your workspace? Everyone loves a good upcycle.  Take a look at your space and think about ways that you can use office supplies to keep your kitchen pruned and preened. 

Don’t throw your three-ring binder away; use the rings part as a creative hanger for smaller kitchen gadgets. Magazine holders and paper sorters can organize pot lids and baking sheets. Binder clips keep chips and cereal bags closed, not to mention frozen foods. The options are endless.

Channeling your creative use of random office supplies that might have otherwise ended up at the thrift store might be the most fun you’ve had since watching Marie Kondo’s Netflix special. 

A kitchen organization hack with magnetic appeal.  

Your refrigerator is probably adorned with photos, holiday cards, and old wedding invitations, and there’s nothing wrong with that. But have you ever considered your fridge door can also double as a storage space? By adding magnets to small jars, you can store anything from spices to small seeds straight on your fridge. Not only is this visually stunning, but you’ll never have to hunt through your spice cabinet looking for specific items again. You’ll have every spice you need literally within arm’s reach. 

Magnetic jars are a great kitchen hack for keeping your spices organized.

In this time of a pandemic, odds are you are spending more time in your kitchen. Make it a space you truly love with these kitchen organization hacks that take minutes to set up but will save you hours in the long run.