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Gaming Grips

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In the final moments of the game, when every point counts, a solid grip on your controller ensures your win doesn’t slip away. An instant competitive advantage, Gaming Grips equip eSports fans to play like the pros. 

Precut for PlayStation and Xbox controllers, Gaming Grips position you win. Meanwhile, your hands will thank you for bringing your game to an entirely new level, while adding comfort to your grip and protecting your skin with 100% latex-free material.

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Gaming Grips are pre-sized to fit your PlayStation and Xbox controllers right out of the package. Thin enough to maintain the integrity of your grip and the familiar, out-of-the-box feel of your controller, Gaming Grips give you a competitive edge that’s always grippy and never sticky. 

So get your game face on. Play harder. And beat your best score. This is your moment. 

Compatibility: Our Gaming Grips adhere to any PlayStation or Xbox controller.

Dimensions: Sized to fit the controller of your choice.

Colors: Black

  • Non-abrasive; Gaming Grips won’t ever irritate your skin, snag your clothes, or scratch the furniture you place your controller on when you’re not using it. 
  • Waterproof; If your hands sweat when you’re getting your game on, rest assured, your Gaming Grips can handle it. 
  • Made with HDPE plastic; A soft & lightweight, flexible, super-strong, impact-resistant high-density polyethylene plastic whose grip is superior to rubber.
  • Eco-friendly; All CatTongue Grips products are 100% recyclable so they won’t contribute more waste to landfills. 
  • Allergy-and-irritant-free; another advantage of our gription technology is that CatTongue Grips won't irritate your skin or your hands when you touch it; as all CatTongue Grips products are latex-free.
  • Made by the best manufacturer of non-slip products. Simply put, this product is proven to perform.

Q: Can I cut Gaming Grips to different sizes?
A: There’s no need to cut your Gaming Grips. We’ve already pre-cut them to fit your favorite Xbox and PlayStation controllers.

Q: Are Gaming Grips waterproof?
A: You bet. They’re also dust, dirt, and lint-resistant. 

Q: Are Gaming Grips latex-free?
A: Is Fortnite a game? Every Gaming Grip we sell is 100% latex-free, which means those with sensitive skin can play fearlessly

Q: Will Gaming Grips damage the things I adhere them to?
A: No, no, and no. Gaming Grips are non-abrasive and guaranteed not to scratch or damage any surface or equipment. 

Q: Are Gaming Grips recyclable?
A: If we don’t take care of the planet, we won’t be able to play games. That’s why all of our products and packaging are made from 100% recyclable materials.

Q: Can Gaming Grips be layered? 
A: No. Gaming Grips are not designed to stick to each other. 

Q: Do I need to apply Gaming Grips with heat?
A: In most cases, no. If you’re having difficulty adhering a portion of your grip to a small space, use a little heat against it and watch it mold to shape before your eyes. 

Q: How many Gaming Grips are included in each package?
A: Each package includes 1 Gaming Grip sized to fit the controller of your choice: either PlayStation or XBox.

Q: How long do Gaming Grips last?
A: Non-Abrasive Gaming Grips were manufactured to provide a long-term gripping solution. Play every day. Your grip can handle it.

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